The Conveyancing App has an in built workflow to help you manage your conveyancing transaction better and more efficiently. 

The following table describes the 'Steps' and what they mean.

File Opening/ Cost Agreement
This is the first step you land on when  you open a new Conveyancing matter.

This step is to indicate that you are in the process of opening your file and also setting up your cost agreement

Your matter will remain on this stage until such time as a signed or draft contract comes through for review. During this stage you will be entering all the relevant fields into your matter that are required for the initial stages of a conveyance. Details such as property details, parties, conveyancing dates etc.

Once a draft or signed contract has been received, your file will be moved onto the next stage – Contract Review.

Contract Review
During this stage you will complete your contract review with your client and make any amendments as required. Final conveyancing details will be entered into the various fields in your file and the balance of your parties list will be completed.

As soon as the contract has been signed the file will be moved through to Conditional / Pre-Settlement Stage. Depending on the status of the contract you have received, you may work your way straight through from File Opening to Conditional on the same day.
Third Party Transfer
This step is only available after Contract unconditional Stage and is a choice beetwen moving to 'Settlement Stage' or 'third Party transfer' steps

Contitional/Pre-Settlement Stage
At this point you will be carefully selecting all those tasks relevant to your conveyancing matter for follow up. The matter may remain on this stage until roughly 1-2 weeks out from settlement at which point you will move the file onto the next step in preparation for settlement.
Contract Unconditional/Awaiting Settlement
This stage is for settlement preparation. At which point you will be completing items such as stamping, settlement figures & settlement bookings. Once all preliminary settlement tasks have been actioned the matter will be moved onto Settlement Stage.
Settlement Stage
All matters sitting on settlement stage are indicative that the file is in the last stage. Settlement will only be a few days away and the majority of settlement arrangements made.
This step is indicative that the file has settled or terminated. Final correspondence will be sent out to all relevant parties, trust monies disbursed and tax invoices paid. Any files requiring registration of documents will remain on this stage until registration confirmation as been received.
This step is confirmation that the file is at an end. All trust monies have been disbursed, finals sent and tax invoices paid. The file is ready to be closed and archived.

Jumping between steps

These steps are joined so that you can jump between steps should you need to.

  • At File opening you can jump to Close if your file does not proceed.
  • At Contract Review you can jump to 'Contract Unconditional/Awaiting Settlement' or 'Close' Steps'
  • At Conditional/Pre-Settlement Stage you can jump to 'Close'
  • At Settlement Stage you can jump to 'Close'

How to move between steps

To move between steps is like any other matter within Actionstep simply click on the the name of the orange step 

Depending on the step will depend on the page that is shown next. To help you with your transaction you will presented with optional and mandatory data fields such as 'transaction information' or 'Parties' information. This is done to you capture the right amount of accurate information at the right time.