The conveyancing app comes pre-loaded with the following Key Dates 

 To access the key dates, simply click on the Key Dates 'Data Collection' within the matter.

Complete any key date that you feel is required for your transaction

Key Date Alerts

You can set an alert on any date field in the Key Date section, simply click on the  'GLOBE'   icon to the right of the date. 

This will then allow you to set an 'Alert' that will be sent to a person on the file. 

You can choose

  1. when the Alert is sent by changing the 'Due Date'
  2. Who the Alert is sent to by changing the 'Assign to'
  3. What the message is by changing the  'Message text box' - which is prefilled with details from the matter
  4. What method the alert will  be sent 'Email', 'Actionstep Pop message' or SMS (Note SMS does require additional costs to Actionstep for SMS Messages)