Moving the ND Mail Window

Click on the grey bar at the top of the ndmail window and then drag and drop on to the ‘Playstation esk! Arrows’ (highlighted in yellow below) to move the window to another location. So you can have the ND Window where you like. I have set it based on what we think are the best place, but feel free to move it around.


Shrink the ND Window

You can also shrink the window as well to conserve space withiin Outlook. As the Predictions are generally accurate you only really need to see the first few results in the ndMail prediction panel. 


Folder Sync

Also you can right click on a folder in the left hand outlook folders and link it to a Matter or folder in ND which will sync the contents to ND so you then can drag and drop.

Here is alink to a Quick Reference Guide on ND Mail