You must have 'A' rights to change a document, 'A' rights are automatically applied to the person who created the document and also provided as part of the the wider security design of NetDocuments by your NetDocuments Administrator. If you are not sure if you have the 'A' rights please contact your NetDocuments Administrator. 'A' rights means 'Administer' rights.

There are several levels of rights in NetDocuments being

  1. VESA – view, edit, share, and administrator
  2. VES – view, edit, share
  3. VE – view, edit
  4. VS – view, share
  5. V – view
  6. N - No Access

Remember that 'NO ACCESS overrides any other form of access document , so please ensure that you dont over restrict access to the document.

More detail on these rights you can view on the NetDocuments Support Site


The following video shows you how to change permissions on a Document within NetDocuments