Actionstep has a feature to allow you to put a hold on the trust deposits which you can choose to apply holds by payment method, ie Cash, Cheque, EFT or Credit card.

How to Set Payment Holds for Trust Deposits

To Set the payment holds for trust deposits you can do this from 

ADMIN >TRUST ACCOUNTING > Additional Settings > Click the button 'Additional System Wide Preferences

Then choose the payment method Cheque to change the payment hold


Once a payment hold has been created, you can not Override it.

This means if you have a payment hold based on the payment method of Cheque of 5 days then you will not be able to use those funds until 5 days has elapsed.

This can be problematic, if the cheque if you pay for expited clearance at the bank or it happens to clear early at the bank naturally and then you want to transact within Actionstep using those funds. ie you will not be able to transact with those funds held until the payment hold has expired.

There is a suggestion in the feedback forum for this that you can vote on if you like to help expedite this feature within Actionstep. Click here it view that feedback article

Account Balance & Available Balance
When a payment hold has been used then you will notice that Actionstep will now show a 'Account Balance' and also a 'Available Balance' This screen shot shows that there is $100,000 currently unavailable

Seeinng When are the funds available?
If you need to see when funds are available on a transaction then you can click on the transaction withing the 'Transaction History' screen on the matter and see when the funds are available.