Who can delete a document?

Any user who has the 'A' (Administrer) rights to delete a document. The 'A' rights are automatically applied to the person who originally created the document and also any other user from default permissions setup on your system.

What happens when a document is deleted?

The document will remain in the cabinet but flagged as deleted. 

All access to the document is removed for all users except the person who deletes the document.

History of the deltion is recorded in the history of the document

Can a docuemnt be undeleted

If the document has not been purged, then yes the person who has deleted the document or any other person who has 'A' rights can undelete the document. However the access rights are not restored and will need to be re-applied if required

How can you truely delete the document permanently

The document will only truley be deleted when a Cabinet Administrator 'purges' deleted documents. Also depending on your system setup the purged documents are further retained for a further 30 days until they are truely deleted and not recoverable. 

How to permanently remove (Purge) documents

Generaly due to system configuratoin this can only be done by the cabinet administrator

Search for deleted documents via the advanced search page, then select the the items and use the 'more options' to delete