If you are using the EBM Billing version of Actionstep then you will have the choice of using Write off feature or Credit Invoices.

This table is provided to help you understand the differences

Function    Actionstep's Write off FunctionalityActionsteps' Credit Invoice Functionality
Choose What GL Code to send the Write off toNo - it will be sent to FEES GL onlyYes - you can choose any GL that exists in Actionstep
Choose between FEES and EXPENSES to write offNo - Only Fees can be written offYes - you can choose either FEES or EXPENSES
Write off ReportingYes there is a brand new write off Report to allow you review the amounts that have been written off

Click here to see sample of write off report
No - there is no dedicated report
Use Write off feature with XeroNo - Xero does not support Write off's so this feature can not be used if you are using Xero, you will need to use Credit Invoices.Yes - Xero does support Credit Invoices and should be used for Write offs
Works with EBM and Classic (Old style) invoicesNo - This can only be used with EBM InvoicesYes - this can be used for EBM or Classic Invoices