The following are the different permission levels available in NetDocuments

AccessSymbolAccess Description
  View    VA user can:
View a document, folder, Saved Search, discussion, workspace etc. in a Cabinet or ShareSpace either in the application or with the Viewer.
Download a copy of a document.
Can add documents to a cabinet.
The user cannot:
Edit a document or document's profile.
Place items into a folder. 
An External User who has View only rights to a document cannot make a Copy of a document, or Email a copy of a document from NetDocuments
An External User can use the Email Link option to send a link to others who have access to the document unless the Cabinet flag to not allow this has been set by the Cabinet Administrator.
  Edit    EA user can:
Modify the contents of documents in a Cabinet or ShareSpace.
Create or modify versions of a document.
Edit a document's profile including renaming the document.
Add new documents (not subfolders) into a folder.
Remove (unfile) documents from a folder.
A user cannot:
Rename a folder.
Create a subfolder. 
An External user has to have Edit AND Share to view the History of a ShareSpace or a document. 
  Share    SA user can:
Share a document in a Cabinet with other users of the Cabinet. This means that with Share rights you can add other users but cannot remove anyone from the list or modify existing users' access including any that they have added.
Share a ShareSpace with other users (inside or outside of the cabinet).
Add users to the access list up to but not exceeding your own access. 
A user has to have Edit and Share rights to a folder to create a subfolder.  
An External user with Edit and Share rights can see the History of a document or ShareSpace.
An External User needs Share rights to see the Access List.
  Administer    AA user can:
Delete a document or a ShareSpace.
Delete a version of a document.
Force the check-in of a document.
Add people to the Access List
Change the rights of users already in the Access List
Remove other users from the Access List of a document or a ShareSpace
Rename a folder 
  No Access    NA user cannot:
view a document, ShareSpace, or folder, etc.
This means one user may see several documents in a folder while another user may see only one or no documents in the same folder depending on their rights.  (The exception, of course, is for Cabinet Administrators; they have VSA access to everything.)