Should you consider there is an Outage to the NetDocuments service then the following article will help you work through the steps to minimise the impact

First Log out of the NetDocuments Service by clicking on "Hi........" where "...." represents your name from the top right hand corner of NetDocuments web interface. Then log back in

If that does not resolve the issue, then check the NetDocuments Service Status Page to ensure that the outage is due a NetDocuments Platform issue. There are several sites available depending on systems locatoin

For Australia -

For United States - 

For United Kingdom -


What documents can I access during an Outage?

You can access recently edited documents by clicking the ND Office Icon from down near the time. This will show you a list of documents you have accessed recently. 

From this List in ND Office, you will be able to open documents 'some' documents and edit them and save your changes. Upon restoration of the service, the documents will automatically will be uploaded to the NetDocuments Service

Whilst the ND Office will generally show you the last 100 documents, you have accessed, it will only be the documents opened or edited in the last 'x' days documents that will be available via this method. 'X' days is a per computer setting and so can be different per computer. But WorkCloud Implementations generally set this as 30 days.

Note if the document has been edited by another user since then it may not be the latest version available in this locatoin.

All these documents are stored in a folder referred to as the  'ECHO FOLDER' to have direct access to this folder please visit this site for more instructions - 

Are there other options available to me?

If you have used ND SYNC product and syncronised content to your computer then this content will also be available.

If you have the ND Mirror Proudct then a backup copy of all documents can be interogated by a IT person and document copies can be provided to users on request.

Further support should be directed to or via the following numbers

Australia - 02 8310 4319

United Stated  - 801 226  6882 (866-NETDOCS)

United Kingdom - 2034 556 770