You have to be a 'Repository Administrator' to perform this function in NetDocuments

This article assumes you have already created a 'workspace template' in NetDocuments which is a required element.

To applhy the Workspace template, the same process applies for all matters, new and existing created by Actionstep

1 - Click on you name in the top left hand corner of NetDocuments

2 - Click on ADMIN to go to your Repository Admin page , now click on 'Define Profile Attributes'

3 - Click on Matters, then click on Edit

4 -  Search for your matter you want to edit, then double click on the matter to perform your edit. (note changes here do not replicate back to Actionstep only in Netdocuments.)

5 - In the Type Field change this to the name of the template (ie Family etc - note this is case sensitive and assumes that the template has already been created previously)

6 - Go to the actual matter in NetDocuments web and refresh the workspace which then forces the system to look for the type column for that matter.