That time is not the 'Current time of the day' but rather of time of the last time entry, you did for the day. 

For example

  • Your working day starts at 9 am (according to your calendar) then the start time on the first time entry for the day will show 9 am as the start time.
  • You record 2 hours of work
  • When you go to record your next time entry for the same day, The 'Start time' will now show 11 am even if the physical time is 5pm

This feature is to help you avoid gaps in the time recording day ie if its showing 11 am and it's actually 5 pm then the system is helping you to understand that there is no time recorded since 11 am.

As most clients are confused by this, we often recommend that firms turn the 'Time' off on the time sheet to avoid this confusion. You can do this from the ADMIN>TIMEKEEPING>TIMEKEEPING SETTINGS and turn Off the 'TRACK TIME' switch.