Actionstep provide all clients with a data export function, this is called BACKUP/SNAPSHOT.

This option is for any client to get a complete copy of their database at any time. There is no cost for the first request, but Actionstep reserves the right to charge for subsequent requests for a backup.

Simply request a backup from and they will be able to provide that for you. Generally within 48 hours of request. All data (excluding documents and emails) is in excel. (CSV format)

Please note that this file will be large as it includes all documents and emails as well all data, so please also ensure sensitive handling of the file as the security of this file is your responsibility once it's downloaded from Actionstep systems.

Within the database export please look for the excel spreadsheets, however, WorkCloud team can assist you in data interpretation services if you require that service.

This service is for clients wishing to have a complete copy of their data or wishing to leave Actionstep and take their data with them. Its not really designed for custom reporting but could be used for such on a one time basis. 

Custom Reporting Export Service

Actionstep also has a second option for exporting data. 

This option is called  'Custom Report Exporter Service' - 

This service provides you with a different structure of data and is provided daily automatically ready for clients to manually download from Actionstep as requried to build their own custom reports. WorkCloud can provide daily automation of the data to a hosted Azure SQL server or one managed by you for $125 + GST per month. This automation will pull the data from Actiontep, extract it and update the SQL database of your choice.

To use this service you will need either a on premise or cloud based SQL server to load the data into. 

This service is used by firms to get their data daily to a SQL database so that you can perform any analysis on your data at any time. There is a cost for this service, again please contact 

Here is an example of the type of reports WorkCloud has created for their clients using this service  CLICK HERE to view sample reporting - with this service there is no limit to the types of reporting that can be done based on the supplied data from daily.