What is this notification

This notification is sent from notifier@mail.au.netoducments.com and warns you that a acertain user has downloaded a number of documents during their current logged in session.

Whilst this functionality could be interpreted as a way to track malicious behviour, there are many activities that are normal behvioural activities that will trigger the email, so it is best to set the 'number of documents' value to be high enough to not overwhealm your administrators with 'false postiive' emails but also low enough to alert possible suspicioius behviour

Who Gets it?

Any person has 'Repository Administrator' access

What Causes it?

The trigger is set per 'Login Session' 

There are many acivities that trigger this alert

  • Opening a document via the web interface.

  • Printing a document via the NetDocuments print option.

  • Viewing a PDF or HTML document (since we download the original document to the workstation rather than downloading a converted form).

  • Launching a document in a client side application (like Workshare).

  • Downloading a document (including the Mass Export utility).

  • Emailing a copy of a document. However, emailing a document link (Email Link, Follow) is not counted.

  • Moving a document to a cabinet in a different repository.

  • Moving a document to a ShareSpace that is in multiple cabinets.

  • Making a ShareSpace that is currently accessible in just one cabinet accessible in another cabinet.

  • Opening or downloading a document via WebDAV.

  • Synching a document using ndSync for the first time.

  • Downloading a document using the download option.

As many activities cause this download we recommend the number kept at a higher level than you would expect users would normally access documents in NetDocuments.

The default setting by NetDocuments is 2000 documents, but WorkCloud generally change this to 50 or 100 documents which generally seems to be acceptable level, but the actual number for your firm may need to be adjusted based on normal user behaviour. Please note that NDSYNC will trigger the alert.

Can I change the threashold?

Yes you can change this. 

  • Simply click on your Name in ND and select ADMIN (you need to be a repository Administrator)
  • Click on "Edit name, logo and billing Information and change the 'Download warning threashold'

  • Change the 'Download Threashold' value

Can I choose who gets these alerts?

Sorry, no Netdocuments is programmed to send it to all users that have Repository Access.