Matter Activity 

Each Action ( Matter) has a 'system notes' section found underneath the 'File Notes' icon. This records all activities performed on the matter automatically. These 'system notes' can be viewed by all users, but they can be disabled by permission settings so that only certain groups can view these notes.

Here is an example of how the 'System Notes' appear within a Matter

User Activity Reports

There is a report called 'Session Summary Report' which you can find  REPORTS> MATTERS.

Enter a date you want to show the various sessions the user has done in the system, this is a summariesed report that only shows each user and the total activities on the selected date.

Once you know the user has had sessions on a particular date then you can go to  REPORTS>MATTERS> SESSION ACTIVITY REPORT which will give you all the activities in detail of what the user has performed.

Once generated you will see a report that looks like the following.

Now click on the ID number which will show you the detail of what the user has performed.

Note there will be multiple sessions that will have minimal or no data within them as a session could be created by the server 'refreshing' the session after inactivity, or it could be created by API connections/reconnections, such os WorkCloud integrations or the Office Plug in.