Please take great care in understanding the consequences of these instructions. So please contact your consultant to discuss before attempting your first 'update' via this method

This article should not be used if you have changed the CLIENT or MATTER numbers. This article should only be used for changing the 'name' of the Matter in NetDocuments.

Access rights you need

You will need the 'Have Authority' access right within Actionstep to gain access to the integrations menu. You also need to have' Administrator' rights of some sort in Actionstetp to have access to the Admin Menu within Actionstep.

You dont need Admin rights in NetDoCuments.


Change the Matter Name in Actionstep

Click on the ADMIN>INTEGRATIONS then select NetDocuments Matter Mappings as shown below

Then find the matter you want to change by using the filter bar in the top left 

Then click on the matter you want to change by clicking on the 'tick box' of the row. Then on the same filter bar click UNLINK.

Then go back to matter within Actionstep, and Click the green save button you normal use to push a new matter to NetDocuments. 

This will not create a new matter but overwrite the matter name and client name if changed from what is in Actionstep now and what is in NetDocuments. As long as the client number and the matter number have not changed.