Actionstep will use a 'single account' to connect to Netdocuments. Please note if the account used expires, or is removed from NetDocuments in the future then this integration will cease operating as expected.

The account in NetDocuments must be a 'Repository Administory' with FULL rights.

1. Click on ADMIN >INTEGRATIONS > NetDocuments Configuration

2. Choose the relevant NetDocuments serivce ie NetDocument AU for Australia

2. Enter Your NetDocuments Credentials

You will then be presented a screen to either log into NetDocuments (if not already) and then CLICK  'ALLOW' access to NetDocuments.

3. Select a NetDocuments Cabinet

If you have more than one NetDocuments "Cabinet" then select the one that contains your matter documents.and Click SAVe

You should then get a pop up that looks like the following - if so you are good to start pushing matters from Actionstep to NetDocuments