We have scheduled the Actionstep to Xero linking/connecting for ......................................., zoom invite will be sent shortly.


A couple of points you may wish to set up prior to us connecting (just makes the process easier).

1. Allocate "code" to your bank accounts – Office (i.e. 101). Also the Trust bank account if you are seeking to have this pushed through from Actionstep to Xero (not all clients opt for this as they do not seek Trust entries to appear on Profit & Loss – your choice of course) - see instructions below.

2. Create/rename GL account codes in Xero for the below in readiness for Actionstep mapping:

Actionstep Fees - Revenue account
Actionstep Disbursements - Revenue account
 Actionstep Disbursement Costs - Cost of Goods account

Trust Liability - Liability Account

Trust Transfers - Liability Account

Statutory Deposit Account - Current Asset (only if applic

Login to Xero - go to ACCOUNTING>CHART OF ACCOUNTS; find your bank account; click on the name to edit the account:

Populate the box "Code" with a unique digit code/number and click save.