If you would like to provide feedback and/or suggest any feature enhancements you would like to see in the future made to the Conveyancing Add-on you can do so via our Feedback Forum.

To access the Feedback Forum when logged into the WorkCloud Support & Knowledge Base select Forum from the menu in the top right. This will then take you to the Feedback and Announcements section.

Before providing your feedback, we suggest you scroll down to second half of page to see previous feedback topics provided by other customers.  If there is a topic that relates or you agree to a suggestion, you can go into that topic and provide your own comments and also follow these for future developments.  

If you would like to make your own suggestions, simply click start a new topic in the top right corner of this page

The Announcements section is where WorkCloud will post any upcoming feature enhancements and also where you can access any updated templates to downloaded to your database.