The NetDocuments Chrome Extension has been negatively impacted by the latest release of the Chrome browser (Chrome 77, released 10 September 2019).  The Chrome Extension allows users to upload documents directly from NetDocuments to other websites (such as court sites, government sites, etc.).

When used in conjunction with Chrome 77, the NetDocuments Chrome Extension is unable to upload Office XML files to websites. Files created in the latest Office format (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) will not be uploaded in Chrome 77. Files of other formats (PDFs, images, RTF files, etc.) properly upload. 

The NetDocuments team is actively working to mitigate this issue. 

Chrome 77 has reportedly broken many products worldwide (including WordPress, NetGear, Linux, etc.). NetDocuments recommends that customers who use ndClick and the NetDocuments Chrome Extension remain on an earlier version of Chrome until an update is available from Google or NetDocuments. 

Chrome 75 continues to work well with ndclick and the NetDocuments Chrome Extension.