Latest updates on NetDocuments for Mac Computers.


Whilst NetDocuments NDOffice Product (the product that sits in Office on the FILE & SAVE Menu) does not support Mac compared to Windows, there has been significant improvements that make using NetDocuments on a Mac more effective.


For Documents.

Whilst you cannot open a document stored in NetDocuments direct from Mac Word using ndOffice ie from the Word File Menu. 

You can click on the document in ND Web version and have it Check out and open in Mac Word when ndClick software is installed (same software windows users must use as well), then on the closure of the document will check back into NetDocuments.  

For creating New versions you must open the document as a new version directly from the Web as you cant do a save as in the Word File.


For Emails

NetDocuments have moved to public testing (so General release is very soon) of their new outlook add-in for NetDocuments (ndMail) this new addin will work in any version of Outlook such as Windows, Mac, Online web and even mobile phone versions. This means that users will be able to file emails from Mac Outlook to NetDocuments using this new addin. 

We don’t know how long the public beta will last but historically this is less than a month before the general release occurs.


For searching and browsing documents

You will continue to use the web interface for this as you would normally do.


For offline copies

You can use ND Sync and this will allow you to sync a folder or a whole matter to the Mac computer and allow the user to work locally and have the data automatically sync’d back to NetDocuments.