Hi Justine,

Yes, it's possible to do this in a couple of ways.

Some firms set up a single rate label per person then assign that rate label to a single person via their login settings. However, we don't really recommend that as it does make for a lot of rate labels to manage which is a bit of administration especially when rates change annually.

We recommend having 'Positional rates' ie rate label for positions within the firm ie one for a partner, one rate for a lawyer, on for Senior Associate etc.

Then on those rates labels, you can detail that a particular person who defaults to using that rate label can instead of having the default rate can have a unique rate.

If you have the necessary access via the admin menu please locate 'Billing' then scroll down to the section called Rate Labels.

Then click on the box 'Customise rate value by Fee Earner' then you can enter the desired rate for the person who uses that rate label.

Also, note that you can set custom rates on a contact record for the rate label as well as a per matter level as well. So this creates a hierarchy of rate label overrides which has the following order or hierarchy.

  • ​Default Rate Label on the users login
  • Custom rate amount on the rate label for the user
  • A custom rate for the client for that rate label.
  • A custom rate for the matter for that rate label.


You have a rating label called Partners which has a default rate of $400 per hour.

  • All the firms 'Partners' use this rate label and each user has this rate label set as their default on their login setup.
  • However, two partners, have a customised rate being $450 so this is customised on the rate label for those two partners only so that when they use the 'Partner' rate lable it will default to $450 - all others will still remain at $400
  • However ABC Company has a negotiated rate of $350 for any work done by partners, so you would edit the contact record of the client and edit the rate on the accounting tab (Sales section) to indicate the discount rate. So now any work done for ABC Company where the partner rate label is used will attract $450
  • However, there is one a particular matter that ABC company has active that has been agreed for the rate to be the standard rate of $450 so on that matter under the Billing options section, the rating label called 'Partners' is adjusted to be $450. The net effect is that any time records for that matter where the rate label of 'Partner' is used will now be charged for $450. All other matters will still attract the client rate of $350

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