Do not remove the current plugin for Actionstep as this is still currently required for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These instructions are only for OUTLOOK. Actionstep is working on an equivalent add-in for Word, Powerpoint and Excel which will be released later in the year

This new plug in is for office 365 Web Version or Office 365 Desktop Version only.

Version 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 is not supported.

Assigning users who can access

There are two choices of assigning the Actionstep Add-in to users

  1. Deploy centrally across all or select users centrally from Office 365 Admin Centre
  2. Deploy singularly per computer per user

Option 1 - Deploy centrally from Office 365 Admin Centre

This is by far the simplest method which allows you to choose to deploy to all users, or just selected users and the deployment will only be done once centrally.

  1. Log into your Office 365 Admin centre
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose ADD-ins
  4. Click on 'Deploy Add-in' and click Next
  5. Choose 'Choose from the Store'  
  6. Search for 'Actionstep'
  7. Click Add
  8. Then choose the deployment method (detailed below)
  9. The add-will then display in the assigned user's outlook 

Deployment Methods

This allows you to choose which users will be able to access this Add-in and also how it will be deployed to them

Fixed - the add-in will be automatically deployed to the assigned users and they will not be able to remove it from their outlook

Available - users may install the add-in by clicking 'Get more Add-ins' on the ribbon in outlook and going to Admin-managed

Optional - The ad-in will be automatically deployed to the assigned users and they can choose to remove it from outlook if they desire.

Option 2 - Deploy singularly to a single computer only

  1. On Outlook Desktop version click on 'Get Add-ins
  2. Search for Actionstep
  3. Click OK