What are Collabspaces

Collab spaces is a method to share documents with other parties outside your firm whilst keeping those documents stored within NetDocuments.

How to create a Collabspace

  1. Navigate to the workspace where you want to create a new CollabSpace. You should see a CollabSpaces tab in the workspace:


  1. In the CollabSpaces tab, select Add CollabSpace:


If your administrator requires approval to create a Collabspace you may receive an additional box to request the Collabspace.

Can I create mulitple collabspaces per matter?

Yes, you can create unlimited CollabSpaces per matter. Perhaps you may want to create a Collabspace per particular party ie one for the client, one for the otherside etc.

Here is an example of mulitple Collabspaces.

Who has access to the Collabspace?

By default, the security will be inherited to be the same as the Matter for which its created within.,

How do I give external users access?

Once the Collabspace is created you can use the MODIFY ACCESS function on the collabspace to modify who has access to this CollabSpace.

Simply click on the name of the Portal to reveal the Options menu and choose Modify Access.

The following box will appear. This details the security that has been set (or inherited if brand new) on this Collabspace.

The Default Access will be the Default access set for all your matters for internal staff across your NetDocuments Cabinet. In the below screen our Cabinet is 'Legal Demo'

Simply click on MODIFY ACCESS.

Click on Create CollabSpace Group Button as shown

1 - Enter Name of the Group

2 - Choose from existing External Users to add across to the box on the right if the person exists.

3 - Add a new External person if required

4 - Click OK

Note that if 'Send Welcome Email' is ticked, each person of the Group, will receive a email to set up a password to log into the Collabspace. This can be done at time of setup or later.

If you click ADD USER the following screen will allow you to setup a new user account.

The welcome email sent to your users will look like so

Next you will need to choose the levels of access the group will have to the collabspace. This will then be used as the default permissions for each item you place in the Collabspace.

We recommend that you only provide VE access to external users. Otherwise, they can view a list of internal users if they attempt to view or modify(if they have VESA) security and therefore learning the names of all internal persons. There generally is not much reason for externals users to have the S or A right as the content is being shared with them and they generally dont need to share the content with others or change security.

Please note that any content that the external user uploads to the collabspace they will automatically get VESA rights as they are the author of that content.

To learn more about security levels in NetDocuments please review this guide


Adding Content to the Collabspace

Now that it's created. You can choose to copy or move content to the Collabspace.

You are able to copy, save to, or move content to the Collabspace just like you would to any other folder or filter within NetDocuments.

You can either 

  1. Simply save directly to the Collabspace from ND Office (Word, Excel, Adobe, Outlook etc), or
  2. Click on the item or items you want to copy or move from your matter and choose the MOVE or COPY command 

These screenshots show selecting several items and then right-clicking to MOVE/COPY 

Then selecting the Collabspace to move/copy the content to.

Does it cost?

Technically no, but you do have 'External Licences' added to your NetDocuments account. 

External licences are a cost to your subscription to NetDocuments?

You can buy a number of External Licences which currently are $10 per licence. 

Each licence is used by one email address, but you can remove a person's access and therefore reuse the licence for another person if you want. But you will only be able to use concurrently the number of licences you have subscribed to.

For example

If you have 15 external licences purchased from NetDocuments, then you will only be able to have 15 external users access your Collabspaces at any one time.

There are Unlimited External Licence options NetDocuments Offer that provide unlimited external licences for $15 per internal user you have.

For Example

If you have 20 NetDocuments internal licences and you are paying $80 per licence, if you increase that to $95 ( ie plus $12 per licence) then you will enable 'Unlimited External Licences'