Actionstep Reporting can be confusing but this guide will help you focus in on the most commonly used reports that WorkCloud clients often use

Common Reports used in Actionstep

  • Time and Fee Entries Report - Who recorded what fees when - the date is the date of time entry only. - The report is granular down to individual time records
  • Fee Recovery Report - What was billed in a given month -dates are the date of invoice only - Report is granular down to individual time records
  • Fee Allocation Report - Who gets the recognition for the fees - dates are based on Date of collection/payment only.  - The report is totalised at a per invoice/matter level
  • WIP Report - The labelling of this report often causes confusion. This is actually AGED WIP by duration ie 30 days, 60 Days, 90 Days.

If you need even more reporting WorkCloud can build to scope Custom reporting options as well.

The following will give you more detail about these reports

Time and Fee Entries Report  (aka Time Records Report)

This report is used to see what time records have been recorded.
The report does show how much has bee billed but only of the time that meets that date range specified. The report does provide good options for grouping, sorting and filtering. 
IMPORTANT: Be sure to click on Advance and turn of 'DETAIL' switch to get a summarised report rather than a granular detailed report

Key Learning Point: Date range is based on TIME ENTRY DATE only. ie this report can not be run by Invoice date or Payment(collected) date

Online help can be found HERE

Fee Recovery report (aka Billed Report)

This report is based on Invoiced amounts for a given date range. 
This report provides a summarised by matter or by time Recorder (Participant) format. You can also drill down in the report by using the + icon to see more detail about the totals. This is a great report but sadly the report can not be exported or printed besides printing the whole browser page.

The columns can often cause confusion, so please refer to the explanation in the online guide which you can access HERE

Fee Allocation Report  - (aka Collected Allocation Report)

This report is to determine how fees are allocated to individual Time Recorders based on Payment/Collected Amounts. 

When you raise a Bill there is a Fee Allocation Tab within each invoice that will totalise and allocate the fees per your matter or billing settings. These allocations are defaulted to Global and individual matter settings. By default these are set to allocate amounts to each time recorder per the time/fees they have recorded. 

These allocations can be adjusted per invoice before the invoice is finalised if you need to re-allocate fees. You can also use these allocations to indicate an individual that will receive a percentage allocation even if they did not record fees/time on that invoice. This is useful if you want to provide recognition to perhaps the 'Internal' referrer of the work or the internal manager of the work.

Key Learning Point: The Date is based on the date of COLLECTION/PAYMENT only.

Further information can be found online HERE

WIP Report (aka Aged WIP report)

This report shows a summary of WIP (items that have yet to be billed) and grouped by Date ranges. This is useful to find WIP that has aged and perhaps needs to be billed.

Key Learning Point - Date range is the Date of the time record created by the time recorder.

Further online help can be found HERE

Other Reporting Options
Excel Based Custom reports
Our team can also build a List view of time records for which you can export to Excel so that you can do your own analysis within Excel with the raw data should you want to . This allows you to create your own suite of reports outside of Actionstep

Power BI Custom Reports
And for even more power you can engage WorkCloud to build you 'Custom Reporting' solutions in Power BI. 

These solutions start from $490 per month + GST Plus setup fees (approx $1500+gst ) and provide Web-based reports based on the Data held in Actionstep that is automatically updated nightly.

These reports support
  • WIP Targets
  • Budgets by Individuals, 
  • Budgets by Teams
  • Client/Matter Introducer reports.
  • Matter Involvement of Lawyers by Matter type
  • Additional custom reports can be built on request and charged per agreed scope.

Here is an online Example you can review click HERE