NetDocuments security very detailed in what you can perform as a result to achieve the what appears to be a simple request of  "Give a person (internal or external) full access to an entire matter and its contents" requires several steps

If you dont know about the basics of Security in NetDocuments, please visit this support site which has a short video about NetDocuments Security - 

How to give access to an entire matter to a single user or a group of users in NetDocuements. (Internal or external users)

There are three steps

  1. Give access to the matter level
  2. Give access to existing content
  3. Give access to new content

Step 1 - Give access to the matter level

Click on the name of the matter to invoke the dropdown then select modify access. 

Step 2 - Give access to all existing content for a particular matter 

The simplest way is to do an 'Advanced search' by the matter number then click on the word SEARCH RESULTS to reveal the menu and select Modify Access

Enter the matter number or matter name to search by then click search

Now click on the words 'SEARCH RESULTS' 

Now choose the CHANGE MODE based on how you want to change the permission.

If you dnot have the Mass Acess List Change section at the top of the screen you may not have the relevant permissions to do bulk changes to documents

Simply now make the security changes you require which will then update all the items in the search result.

Step 3 - Give access to all new content

You will need to click on each and every  filter you want to provide access, then click on the name of the filter or folder to invoke the dropdown to select modify access

Click on the filter you want to change

Now click on the name of the filter again to reveal the dropdown box and select Modify access

Now click on Modify access

Change security as normal

Important: if you are restricitng access, please ensure you remove the DEFAULT access which is shown above as Legal Demo Members (Default) this will be called something different on your system. But if you dont remove this then the default access will still be granted and in most cases that means every user will still have access.

For information on the types of access being VESA, VES, VE, VS, V  & No Access, please visit this link

and scroll down to the section called 'RULES OF SECURITY'

Please note that permissions are accumulative excpet where NO Access has been give. NO Acess will be the resulting permission even if the user has been granted access by other group access.