Actionstep support 'Billing behaviours' these behaviours provides the following choices

  • Bill
  • No Charge
  • Hide

What are the impact of using these options


All fee entries will be added to the bill.

No Charge

All fee entries will be added to the bill but at $0.00 rate


All fee entries will be added to the bill but at $0.00 rate - however, these time entries will not appear on an itemised invoice.

What about Non-Billable time records

Non-billable time records do not hit the bill at all and are reported differently from billable amounts by ACtionstep. 

Non-billable should be used for items that consider internal such as internal meetings, nin billable research etc. Non-billable should not be used to bill your client at $0.00 for that activity. That is what the billing behaviour of No charge/Hide is for.

Impacts of 'Billing behaviour' on billing processes

If you record your time as No Charge or Hide and the following option is enabled in your system billing settings 

then when you run the 'Fee Allocation report' (which is based on Collected date) then all the time records will be reflected in the Pro-rata fee allocation. ie everyone gets the fee allocation based on the time they entere irresepective of the bill behaviour. 

This setting is generlly enabled for most clients.

Impacts of Billing Behaviour on your Invoice template for imtemised bills

If you choose Bill or No charge, then those time entries wil show on the Invoice itemisation.

If you choose HIDE, then those time entries will not show on the the invoice itemisation.