Setting up UTMBS

Step 1 - Global Settings

Step 2 - Defaulting the timekeeper codes for the user

Step 3 - Enabling UTBMS/LEDES per matter

Step 1  - Set your Global Billing Settings

Admin > Billing & scroll down to LEDES Defaults

Here you will set your global defaults for your LEDES billing file. 

Simply update with your default values or leave blank and Actionstep will default the values as described under the question mark help icon.

Step 2 - Defaulting the timekeeper codes for each user

You can default the timekeeper codes for each login/user within Actionstep. 

Click on Admin > Users & Permissions > then edit an existing user and select the appropriate timekeeper code. This will default on the time record code.

Step 3 - Set Enable UTBMS/LEDES E-Billing on your matter

UTBMS/LEDES billing is off by default and you will need to enable it per matter you require it enabled for.

With the matter, click on the Calculator option then click on Matter options 

Scroll down to the E-Billing Section and enable.

1 - Choose your Code set
Here you can choose your UTBMS Task Code Set required from the global list maintained by Actionstep. If you have any issues with this list please contact Actionstep support.

2 - Choose the File Format of your E-Bill as required.

There are several formats of e-billing provided by Actionstep. Here is a table to define each one of these. Its is best to ask your client what format is required and follow their advice. 

3 - Choose default options

The rest of the options should default from the settings set globally or the defaults provided by Actionstep. To see these defaults just click on the Question mark next to the label. 

4- Save 

Now click save to complete the enabling of UTBMS/E-Billing