How to connect to Azure File Storage


Step 1 

Open Windows Explorer and click ‘THIS PC’ in the left hand pane, Then click on Mapp Network drive from the ‘Computer’ menu.

Mapping Network Drive


Step 2

Within the following box

Select a drive letter (any letter will be fine)

Type in the folder box the following details


Note: Pxxxxxx and \xxxxxx are for explanation purpose only. you will be provided with a complete url which may look like the following  \\\yourcompanyname

 - Click the reconnect at login if not already ticked

 - Click Connect using different credentials

 - Click Finish

Step 3

On the following box select More Choices and choose ‘use different account’


 - In the email address box type in the username and password provided to you.

 - Tick the box remember my credentials and click ok


Congratulations your cloud drive is now mapped and you should be able to see the drive in your Explorer window.