This tool is provided by Actionstep.

Download and unzip to your local computer.

This tool requires the CSV in the following format

actionid, local, remote

Actionid = Matter Number the documents will be imported into

local = where the documents reside on the client's system/server/hard drive

remote = the destination the documents will be imported into this includes folders and subfolders

The following screenshots shows a correctly formatted import file. This screenshot also indicates in RED squares how subfolders works

Take row 12 for example - this document called 'Trust Receipt.docx' will be saved to the folder called Correspondence which is under the top (root) folder.  Whereas for 19 will take a document called 'Matter 214.docx' and save it to the folder 'Root/ Invoices/Legal Aid'

There is also a video on this supplied by Duncan  CLICK HERE - This is also downloaded to the WorkCloud NetDocuments system as well. CLICK HERE (3444-8333-0580 )