If you receive this error

This means that you have an open deposit slip from another DATE you must close (or change its date ) before you can complete your receipting process that generated this error.

The main rules around Deposit slips are

  • You can only have ONE (1) Deposit slip in DRAFT per DATE. 
  • The Deposit slip Date must match the Transaction Date

(There are settings for Mulitple offices that require mulitple deposit slips per office as they will be going to different branches/banks - please contact us for details on multiple office hanlding of deposit slips)

If this is for Trust Accounting you will need to go to TRUST> RECEIPTS > DEPOSIT SLIP LISTS where you will see a similar screen to the below. 

Locate the deposit slip that is in DRAFT and then do either

  1. Lock and Print or
  2. Edit Despoit Date

Lock and Print

The 'Lock and Print' feature finalises the Deposit slip for which you can then move forward and create a new deposit slip for a new deposit date.

Once its locked you are not able to add further transactions to the Deposit Slip. And a PDF will provide automatically downloaded so you can retain for your records.

Change the date on a DRAFT Deposit Slip

If the date is wrong for this deposit slip and you simple want to change the date to add more transactions to it.

  1. Click on the Deposit Slip to open it 
  2. Click on the Date to change the date

Unlock existing Deposit Slip

If you need to unlock a deposit slip you can do so by open up the deposit slip and click on on the UNLOCK button as shown below.

Once the deposit slip is unlocked then you can add further transactions to it as long as the DATE is the same as the date of the transaction ie Date Banked & Date Received is the same date as the Deposit Slip