This document is provided as a guide to install the required software to enable Microsoft Office and your Web browsers to work seamlessly with Actionstep.


You will need local Administrator privileges on the desktop computers to install this software detailed in this guide.


You will also need the USER to log into Actionstep to authorise and connect the plugin with their account, during this Authorisation process it requires Admin rights on the computer to save the authorisation. Please ensure you are with the user at the time of install so they can log into Actionstep




Actionstep Desktop Install 

of Microsoft Office Integration


Download software 

(Needs Admin rights on the computer to install the software)


The above software is only suitable for Installed versions of Microsoft Office (version 2013/2016/2019/365 Desktop version) for Microsoft Windows and requires Admin rights on your computer to install.

Using a MAC computer

There currently is no MAC version of this plugin. There are different options for Mac Users being:

  • For Mac Outlook: Mac users will need to install the office 365 version of the plug in - Click here to view those instructions
  • For Mac Word/Excel/PowerPoint: Mac Users will need to open the document into 'One drive' which will then open in the office application. If you don't have one drive then you will need to download the document and then re-upload to Actionstep

Link the Add into your Actionstep Account 

These steps are performed by the user. Note that that user must have administrator access on their computer during this linking stage.

Once installed each user will need to 'Authorise' the plugin with their Actionstep account. (Please note that if the user does not have admin rights at this point they will not be able to complete there authorisation)


To do this open WORD, click on Actionstep in the ribbon.

Then have the user click on Authorise

You will be prompted to enter your Actionstep account details (and computer admin password if you don’t have local admin rights to your computer)

Once Authorised you will be able to see the following icons in Word, PowerPoint & Excel

Once the user has logged into Actionstep, Open any matter. Click on the Document Icon as shown.

This only needs to be performed once per user within their account.

Then click on the PREFERENCES button as shown. Then click to turn on the Plugin as shown.






You have now completed the installation of the Actionstep plug in.

If you want to automatically open Actionstep when you launch Chrome please review the instructions on this page