If you are not using Office 365 then you can connect to your Calender hosted on your Email Server from within Actionstep to allow you to create and manage Calendar Items from with Actionstep. 

This requires additional IT information from your Email Administrator.

  1. Public DNS Name or IP Address of your Email Server
  2. Confirmation that 'Exchange Web Services' is enabled on your email Server
  3. Confirmation of your username (often its is your email address)
  4. Confirmation of your Password to access your email account (often the same as your computer password)
  5. Confirmation that 'Two Factor' Authentication is DISABLED (can be enabled once the initial sync is completed)

Step 1 - Set up your Microsoft Non 365 Calender

Hover your mouse over Calendar and then choose 'TODAY'

2 - Click on Microsoft office Calender from the following screen

3 - Enter the details provided by your Email Administrator

If successful then you will be prompted by the following screen, If not you will need to check your details with your Email Administrator. 

Please review more detail on this solution guide to learn how to configure the options on this screen shown below.

Click here to review options to setup or modify your Calendar settings