There are various settings available for Actionstep Calendars which are worthwhile understanding the value of them and configuring them to your benefit.

If you have just setup your Calendar to syn then this page will come up automatically

Here is a sample code you can copy into the 'Appointment Automatic Merge Field Setup' section. We suggest you to copy and paste this code into the 'Append to Title' box.

[[action_id]] - [[firstnamelastname|pt=Client]] - [[Phone_Mobile|pt=Client]]

Matter Number and the Clients Name and their Mobile number and will be added automatically to the appointment Title if the appointment is added via Actionstep. Note appointments added to your calendar outside of Actionstep will show up in Actionstep but this feature will not append data to those appointments, we suggest creating the appointments in Actionstep and have the comfort that they will sync back to your external calendar ie Outlook

My Calendar is set up - how can I adjust the settings?

If you have your calendar set up already and want to adjust the settings you can access the above page by the following options