You may receive the following 'Authentication Failed' error message when you try to sync your Office 365 calendar to Actionstep:

Why this error occurs

Actionstep currently uses the 'Basic Authentication' method to connect to Microsoft calendars. Microsoft, by default, does not enable 'Basic Authentication' for new Microsoft accounts.  Accordingly, the above 'Authentication Failed' error seems to occur for clients that have relatively new Microsoft Office 365 accounts (and therefore do not have 'Basic Authentication' enabled on their account).


Actionstep are working on changing the authentication method that is currently used to connect to Microsoft calendars.  In the meantime, Actionstep recommends the following steps to resolve this issue:

Step 1 - Temporarily Disable MFA on Office 365

  • On the 'Active users' page, select 'Multi-factor authentication'.

  • On the 'Multi-factor authentication' page, select each user and set their Multi-Factor Authentication status to 'Disabled'. 

  If Step 1 does not rectify the issue, proceed to Step 2 below.

Step 2 - Set an App Password on Microsoft Account

  • Click here for a link to Microsoft's support page article.

If Step 2 does not rectify the issue, proceed to Step 3 below.

Step 3 - Ask Microsoft to Enable Basic Authentication

  • From the Microsoft Office 365 admin portal, click 'Help & Support' on the bottom right of the page and follow the prompts to submit a ticket requesting Basic Authentication be enabled.

Note:  If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, please log a support request with Actionstep.