Modify Access:

1.    Select the document you want to modify access to within the workspace.


2.    Click More in the far-right hand corner, then Modify Access

3.    The Modify Access dialogue box will appear where you will see a list of users that currently have access to the document.

4.    To modify access rights of any of the above users simply click in the box to the left of the user/groups name.  You can     then edit access rights from the drop down under the Rights section. You can also Remove the user/group by selecting Remove.

Add Users:

1.    Search for the Users and Groups to add.

2.    You will be prompted to update Access Rights.  Update rights and click apply.

3.    Select the Group or individual User that you wish to add.  Then update access rights.

The access rights are defined below:

= Viewing rights only.

VS = Viewing and sharing i.e. the user that you are granting access to, can download and share content contained within the CollabSpace.

VE = The user will be able to view and edit documents contained within the CollabSpace.

VESA = The user will be able to view, edit, share (download and share the content) contained within the CollabSpace.  They will also be granted an administrative role to the CollabSpace where they can delete documents contained within the CollabSpace.