Actionstep have three versions of its product

  • Express
  • PRO
  • PRO+

Express version 

The key difference is that you must use Xero and you can create templates/precedents and you can customise the product in any way. This is a very restricted version and often only suitable for a person wanting a simple billing database and does not require customisation or precedents. You can have trust accounting enabled.


This version is very similar to the PRO+ version except the PRO version requires Xero as it does not include the inbuilt accounting system.

What is not available in PRO Version

Hard DisbursementsTrack external supplier invoices ie Barrister Invoices so you can track which invoices 'can be paid' as you have been paid for the on charged disbursement. You can still record disbursement with the PRO version just not track the Invoice Expense side.
Printed ChequesAbility to print cheques for Trust accounting on bank stationery printed cheques. Can still use EFT normally
No Upgrade Path to PRO+ Can not upgrade in the future to PRO+ in the future, you have to start again with a new database.
Ability to turn on and off the Sync to Xero Can be handy to resolve any issues with transactions ie turn off sync to fix data in Xero or in Actionstep and then re-enable.
Multiple EntitiesAs Xero does support multiple entities but Actionstep accounting Does, you will need to use PRO+ version without Xero ie Actionstep accounting functionality to support multiple entities ie multiple sets of Accounting books.

PRO+ Version

This version is the top version for which has no restrictions on the product, all features are enabled and include the inbuilt accounting system.


In summary PRO+ even with Xero just releases flexibility that you don’t have with PRO and the biggie is if you need such flexibility in the future, you cant upgrade to PRO+ So we recommend to all our clients to spend the $10 per licence per month to remove any possible restrictions.