Migrating over to Actionstep

Help Guides when first migrating over to Actionstep from previous systems

Bringing over Opening Matter Trust Balances/Setting opening Balance for Trust Account
**** NOTE that this advice is purely a "How To" for the recording of transactions in Actionstep and is by no means Accounting or Trust Accounting ...
Mon, 22 Jul, 2019 at 11:30 AM
How to setup your Hosted Exchange Outlook Calendar to sync with Actionstep
Click on Calendar then ‘Today’ from the ‘main’ menu bar within Actionstep   Choose Exchange Calendar as shown below.       Tick the box ‘Sh...
Mon, 11 Nov, 2019 at 2:12 PM
WorkCloud Support - Free Services v Additional Package Hours/Consulting
Q:    Which support services are provided for free by WorkCloud and what will come out of my additional package hours?   A:    Package hours will be cons...
Mon, 11 Nov, 2019 at 1:11 PM
Deploying the New Actionstep Outloook Integration Add in - Office 365 Only
 Do not remove the current plugin for Actionstep as this is still currently required for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These instructions are only f...
Thu, 12 Mar, 2020 at 11:31 AM
Scanning direct into Actionstep
Here are the details for scanning direct into matters within Actionstep.  FRom your photocopier/scanner send the scan email to  matters@orgkey.action...
Fri, 27 Mar, 2020 at 10:27 AM